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Private harp lessons

Years ago, when I was but an intermediate level harp student myself, a girl found me on the internet asking where she could learn to play the harp. She said it had been hear biggest dream, and she'd do anything to accomplish it. Immediately I told her to contact my teacher, but sadly my teacher's tuition fee was impossible for this girl to pay. I gave her the number of an older student who was also teaching. They didn't help her either. After months of struggling to find this girl a teacher, I was about to give up, but she wasn't. Her determination to learn the harp was real and so I decided I'd tutor her myself. My first student, she later became a fellow musician I performed with, and a good friend. She learned the harp with me, I learned to teach with her. 

It was a bumpy ride. I made many mistakes, but thanks to those mistakes I became a teacher, and I realised how wonderful a thing it was. The first few notes that she played was to me the best sound that ever came out of a harp. After five hears of teaching privately and three years of teaching in a music school (EFMI), I still think it's the most rewarding feeling of all. I taught problem children, busy working adults, rebellious teens, and during most of it I was a child myself. 

Learning from experience, I see how different and yet similar we all are. I try to tailor my tutoring to my students needs, while still putting an importance on the basics for every student. I don't believe it to be OK for an amateur, adult musician to be taught the harp without putting stress on correct hand positioning, as well as being too strict with a child who just wants to play. I believe that while teaching young children, making them love music is much more important than teaching them how to play difficult pieces and so I'll be often letting them play games instead of doing serious work. Similarly, if the child is very attentive and a fast learner, I would skip unnecessary etudes and exercises and teach them in a much faster pace. 

I prefer to teach at my home, but I can travel depending on your location (though there will be an extra fee). My first lesson is always free. This is something I learned from my first teacher, Ceren Necipoglu. I believe it is unfair to ask a student to make a commitment before finding out if the harp is really something for them. I also try to allow new students who don't own a harp yet to spend extra time in my harp and practice before and after lessons so they can make progress before buying or renting their first harp. 

If you want to begin the harp, or just try it out please contact me on my email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . I'm more than happy to help beginners. And remember, it is never too late or too early to begin the harp. I've had students, 40 years old with no musical background at all. Most my students couldn't read music when they started. I had a young student who didn't even know how to read yet. With a bit of organised practice, everything works out fine.